IT Transformation

Process Design / Engineering

We will help your company make informed business decisions quickly, and implement necessary changes to close gaps in performance.

Process Design

1. Analyse Brief:
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2. Identify Key requirements:
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3. Research:
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4. Brainstorm:
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5. Develop Solution:
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6. Production:
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7. Test:
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8. Implement Solution:
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9. Evaluation:
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10. Redesign:
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Cloud Infrastructure

Our Cloud infrastructure service is generally categorized into three different areas that make up PaaS and IaaS a cloud service:

  1. Computing: The computing portion of the infrastructure is delivered by server racks in order to deliver cloud services for various services and partners.
  2. Networking: To transfer data externally as well as between computer and storage systems, this part of the infrastructure.
  3. Storage:

Data Migration

Your data will be migrated using this phase of data migration.

Our Data Migration specialists will walk you through every stage of the migration phase.

Our Analyst will discuss the best approach to migrate your data i.e Big Bang Data Migration or Trickle/Iteration Data Migration.

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Trickle data migration

Advantages: less prone to unexpected failures, zero downtime required

Disadvantages: more expensive, takes more time, needs extra efforts and resources to keep two systems running

Also known as a phased or iterative migration, this approach brings Agile experience to data transfer. It breaks down the entire process into sub-migrations, each with its own goals, timelines, scope, and quality checks.

Trickle migration involves parallel running of the old and new systems and transferring data in small increments. As a result, you take advantage of zero downtime and your customers are happy because of the 24/7 application availability.

Big bang data migration

Advantages: less costly, less complex, takes less time, all changes happen once

Disadvantages: a high risk of expensive failure, requires downtime

In a big bang scenario, you move all data assets from source to target environment in one operation, within a relatively short time window.

Systems are down and unavailable for users so long as data moves and undergoes transformations to meet the requirements of a target infrastructure. The migration is typically executed during a legal holiday or weekend when customers presumably don’t use the application.

The big bang approach allows you to complete migration in the shortest possible time and saves the hassle of working across the old and new systems simultaneously.

LynkSolutions is a great company, they have helped us with process design , data migration and various IT Services. They are very organized and always deliver as promised. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a competent IT Company!
Reece B.