IT Consultancy

System Support

Our System support specialists will provide help desk assistance and technical support for all types of issues affecting you system i.e Software problems, Network breakdowns, and hardware failures.

Project Management /
Business Analysis:

Our Project managers will focus on the creation of your proposed “product or service” through the lifecycle of the project in order to meet its objectives and intended result.

The Business analyst would however aim at understanding the needs of the business stakeholders and at defining the characteristics of the solution to meeting those needs.

 Through the integration of these two disciplines, your organizations can achieve superior project performance, both from the standpoint of the realization of project deliverables and from the creation of business value.

We worked with Lynk Solutions for our process migration and system support. They were great to work with from the get-go. What we really liked about working with them is that they would often give us feedback and advice.
Tyler G.